St. Patrick’s Day Special

Hey guys! Here’s a quick update on the newest event for NA Lost Saga. So far the only typo is regarding the Astros for the promotional heroes. It should actually be 197 Astros instead of 297 Astros!! And best part of all… FM ARMOR is out with 3 other great ones as well!! Time to spend some Astros.

St. Patrick’s Day Special

1.) Spring Break Gift 3/17 – 3/23

– Login once a day during Continue reading

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DeveloperK is a level 100 NINJA????!!!!

Hey guys! After playing for some time I finally met DeveloperK!!! Here’s some screen shots for what happened! There are some surprising facts of DeveloperK!

**100 KAGE NINJA??? WT!!!!**

*Yup its true.. And he actually is also a level 100 Viking/ Treasure Hunter/ $%^& whatever you can think off … Continue reading

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Hello NALS players!

Welcome to Lost Saga info, where I will be blogging about the newest events, updates, and contents of North America Lost Saga!

I have noticed there are very little community websites out there for our NALS players to search up the LS information they needed. Many resulted in searching in the forums which wastes time because we all know you’ll get trolled for asking simple questions. Here’s a website where Continue reading

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